Rewards for Achievement

In addition to a very rewarding compensation plan, ForYou enjoys recognizing and rewarding its distributors for outstanding effort in retailing products and for building a very successful business. As you advance through the compensation levels, you will receive a beautiful pin designed exclusively for you designating your status as a Master, Executive, Gold Eagle, or Diamond Gold Eagle Executive Achiever. Annual contests reward your efforts even more when you win cash prizes, shopping sprees, a limousine chauffeured luncheon with the President of ForYou, and even a Mercedes Benz!!!

For those establishing a large retail clientele, make sure you participate in the

Retailer of the Month Club and The Monarch Society

For those building a leadership organization, make sure you participate in the

  The TOP 20 Club and The Eagle Catcher Award program.

To make it even better, set your goals on being the first one to
receive the keys to a ForYou Mercedes Benz!!!





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