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Elegante' Body Cleanser - Cooling Aloe

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Elegante' Body Cleanser - Cooling Aloe

Infused with Aloe Vera, mineral-rich seaweed, luxurious oils, and rare herbs to cleanse, repair, and pamper the skin

Gentle, non-drying formula leaves skin silky smooth and perfectly moisturized.

Enhanced with Advanced BioAnti-Oxidant and Colostrum to repair, protect, and nourish all skin types.

Specifically formulated for delicate, dry, or sensitive skin.

Contains Mineral Oxide, an antiseptic that removes bacteria and aids in thorough cleansing.

Hydrates the skin and helps battle the effects of environmental damage.

Lathers instantly in the bath or shower.

Leaves the skin clean, cool, and refreshed.

Provides a unique, thorough cleansing, softening, and moisturizing body care experience.

A nonfragrant, hypo-allergenic Aloe Vera preparation is the essence of the Elegante' Body Cleanser - Cooling Aloe.



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