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Consent to Electronic Record

E-SIGN, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. § 7001, et seq.), requires that you consent to entering into an electronic agreement with ForYou, Inc. (the "Company") before an online version of the Independent Achiever’s Agreement is entered into. Please read the following information carefully.

Should you enter into an online Independent Achiever’s Agreement ("the Agreement"), you will not be required to submit a paper application. The entire agreement between you and the Company will be evidenced by an electronic record. To enter into the Agreement, you must also electronically acknowledge that you agree to the terms of the Company's Policies and Procedures and Compensation Plan.

To access these documents and enter into the Agreement, you will need the following hardware and software: a Personal Computer ("PC") with modem or other Internet access device, operational Internet browser software (e.g., Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer), and Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit Should there ever be a change in the equipment or software necessary to access the terms of the Agreement, the Company will advise you of the same and will provide you with a list of the equipment and software that is necessary. Upon such event, you may withdraw your consent.

Your consent will apply to all transactions between you and the Company. You may withdraw your consent to the use of electronic records at any time. However, should you do so; the Agreement will be automatically terminated. To withdraw your consent (and thereby terminate the Agreement), or to update any personal information, you may do so by sending written notice to ForYou, Inc. at 3980 Main Street (PO Box 1216), Loris, South Carolina 29569 or e-mail us at

During the enrollment process, you will have the ability to read, download, print, and retain the Policies and Procedures and Compensation Plan for future reference. By entering into the Agreement, you agree that the Company may at any time amend the same (including the Policies and Procedures and the Compensation Plan) at its sole judgment and discretion. You may obtain a copy of the most current version of these amended documents by sending a written request to ForYou, Inc. at 3980 Main Street, Loris, South Carolina 29569 or by e-mailing us at Your request must include your name, your social security number, your mailing address, and your e-mail address. Upon receipt of such request, the Company will mail or e-mail you a copy of the most current version (applicable at that time) of said document(s). The Company reserves the right to charge a fee for such service. The most current version of the Policies and Procedures and the Compensation Plan are always available at the Company’s official website for viewing, printing, and downloading.

Please indicate your consent to the above terms by clicking on the “Agree” button below. By providing your consent, you also confirm that you are able to access all the terms of the Agreement electronically. If you click on the “Cancel” button, the enrollment process will be terminated and you will return to our home page.

ForYou’s website is protected through COMODO and all information is encrypted for your security. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and are committed to keeping your information secure. We do not share any of your personal information including e-mail address with other companies.



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