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ForYou�s Power Pac is the purest and most powerful, all-natural food source on earth. This powerful combo provides nutrients to ENERGIZE and DETOXIFY the body as well as aid in IMMUNE SUPPORT and ALLERGY RELIEF. Plus, there are many more benefits. The Power Pac contains the purest and most absorbable, bio-available form of Honey Bee Pollen and Chlorella on the market today. This combo provides every nutrient known to man and provides nutrients you cannot get from your food.

All Purpose Gel

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All Purpose Gel

With Aloe Vera, the World's Greatest Healing Property

An essential first aide product for the entire family from infant to the eldest.

A unique blend of aloe vera and other rare healing herbs.

The answer for insect bites, rashes, burns (all kinds), cuts, scrapes, chapped hands, calloused and cracked hands and feet, even bed sores.

Reported to have cleared or prevented diaper rash in approximately 99% of the cases.

What Others Are Saying...

"I can't say enough about this product. I use it for just about everything...insect bites, cuts, burns, rashes, and dry skin!" KS - Bermuda

"This product should be in every home in the world!!!" SE - Tennessee

"After the first application, I could see a big difference even after I took a shower." BM - South Carolina


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AlkaBest Water Treatment Device

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AlkaBest Water Treatment Device

Financing Available!!

Sang Whang's development of a "universal water ionizer" provides a new generation of water ionizers and revolutionizes water treatment devices. Sang Whang's AlkaBest unique features include:

  • one-of-a-kind dual Aquaspace filtration technology
  • truly filters heavy metals and other harmful substances out of the water while simultaneously retaining alkaline minerals that the body needs
  • a strong and constant high ionizing power
  • automatic adjustment to optimum pH-value
  • more than -850mV of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) possible
  • more than 5 major levels to optimize the alkaline water with 4 additional settings for each of the 5 major levels to provide a total of 20 settings to optimize the pH value
  • artificial intelligence sensor system
  • performs well independent of tap water quality and geographic location
  • produces high-purity ionized water through self-diagnosis of tap water
  • a robust and durable water ionizer
  • a soft-touch performance system
  • automatic self-cleaning feature
  • filter replacement indicator

Reported BENEFITS of drinking alkaline ionized water:

  • ionized water is more alkaline providing a higher concentration of alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • aids in assimilation of mineral supplements
  • ionization segregates the acid and alkaline content found in water
  • promotes an internal alkaline environment which enhances the ability of the blood to carry oxygen
  • assists in neutralizing and flushing out toxins, acidic waste, and free radicals from the body
  • reduces cluster size of water molecules thus increasing assimilation, absorption, and hydration of water at the cellular level
  • increased hydration aids in elimination of toxins, acidic waster, and fats thus aiding in weight loss
  • gives water antioxidant properties, beneficial in retarding degenerative, aging conditions

Alkaline ionized water is a natural alternative in maintaining optimum good health with increased energy and vitality. AlkaBest's alkaline ionized water combined with ForYou's superior nutritional products is definitely the BEST!!!

For additional information, call ForYou's Home Office: 1-877-866-8446 tollfree.

AQUATOMIC Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Insulated Magnetic Carrier

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AQUATOMIC Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Insulated Magnetic Carrier

Basic Wellness Program

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Basic Wellness Program

The Basic Wellness Program provides a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplementation program to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Basic Wellness Program consists of:

Ancient Sea Mineral Complex - over 72 minerals plus trace minerals chelated with Vitamin C.
Colostrum - an immune system booster.
Honey Bee Pollen - "the perfect food" for stamina and energy.
Inner Cellular Energy Multi-Vitamin - provides essential nutrients that are unavailable in today's diet.

Products sold individually for $155.00 available for $147.00.

Modern agricultural methods have depleted the nutrient content of the soil robbing today's food source of vital nutrients. Supplementation is essential to feed the body these essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are unavailable in today's diet.

Lip Mender

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Lip Mender

With Natural Emollients

Natural oils offer an extra degree of protection from the sun and harmful UV rays.

Conditioning gloss moisturizes, nourishes, and soothes.

Rapidly restores softness and smoothness without contributing to dryness.

Promotes fuller, plumper, more youthful lip contours.

An elegant gloss alone or over lip color for women.

Excellent to protect and condition for men, women, youth,�and children.

Most lip balms contain ingredients that actually have a drying effect on the lips.� Lip Mender restores moisture�and conditions�the lips.

Colon Care

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Colon Care

Colon cancer is the #2 cancer killer in America today.

COLON Care will move you to a healthier and more energetic you!

The #1 all-natural, herbal colon cleanser.

Detoxifies the colon, cleanses and stimulates normal peristalic action.

Helps eliminate intestinal parasites.

Is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

Relieves gas and cramps and halts putrification from debris build-up on the walls of the colon. /p>

Disinfects, soothes, and heals the mucous membranes lining the entire digestive tract.

Increases the flow of bile which in turn cleanses the gall bladder, bile ducts, and liver.

Destroys candida (yeast infection) while at the same time creating a healthy flora of the digestive tract.

Great Support For:

Constipation, Irregularity, Detoxification, Acid Reflux,

Digestive Problems, Lack of Energy, Lower Cholesterol,

Parasites, Candida, Helps Liver and Gall Bladder Function,

Strengthening the Immune System, and Weight Loss

Ingredients: 90 capsules per bottle

Curacao & Cape Aloe Vera leaf, African Bird Pepper,

Barberry Root Bark, Cascara Sagrada Bark (aged), Garlic

Bulb, Ginger Root (rhizome), and Senna leaf & pod

Youth Factor with DHEA (For Over Age 40)

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Youth Factor with DHEA (For Over Age 40)

Contains DHEA and Pregnenolone, hormones produced by the adrenal gland which are precursors to your own hormones. Youth Factor with DHEA can help to increase the estrogen levels in women and the testosterone levels in men.

Helps alleviate PMS and menopausal symptoms for those over 40 or past child-bearing years.

Increases sex drive.

Promotes mental clarity and concentration.

Helps alleviate the symptoms of memory loss and aids in improving brain function.

Helps to increase the ability to concentrate while reading, talking, and performing tasks.

Helps alleviate stress, fatigue, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

May help arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Beneficial in lowering cholesterol.

Aids in lowering blood pressure and helps cardiovascular problems.

Enhances resistance to infection through increased antibody effects.

Strengthens the immune system.

Animal studies show that DHEA may have a beneficial effect on auto-immune diseases.

Increases muscle mass while decreasing fat.

Aids control of obesity.

Aids in rebuilding bone.

Great Support For:

Arthritis, Auto-Immune Diseases, Cardiovascular

Problems, Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension

and Circulation, Immune System, Lack of Energy and

Fatigue, PMS and Menopausal Symptoms, Rheumatoid

Arthritis, Sexual Stamina, and Weight Loss

Ingredients: 60 capsules per bottle

DHEA, Pregnenolone, Pueraria Extract, Soy Extract, Dong

Quai, Fo-Ti, Chinese Ginseng, White Peony, Licorice, and

Wild Yam


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The ULTIMATE in skin care for the lady who demands more from life and enjoys the luxuries of life. The ULTIMATE luxurious daily skin care program that cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes, and protects your skin.

The ULTIMATE NDO Collection includes:

  • TONE Dry Skin

To cleanse, tone, and refine skin naturally with no harmful agents.

  • The LIFT Conditioner
  • The LIFT Powder
  • The LIFT Liquid
  • MINKCEL Oil of Mink

An anti-aging treatment that provides a facelift within 20 minutes after application.

Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Infused with rich nutrients that support skin firmness and elasticity.

  • HYDRATE Moisture Balancer is designed to hydrate, lock in moisture, and protect skin from environmental elements with the unique ingredient NMF, Nature's Moisturizing Factor, found only in HYDRATE Moisture Balancer.

      For added benefit, ForYou recommends ReCell Rx Apple Stem Cell Formula, a Swiss formulation, to achieve optimal results!

        Products sold individually for $375.00 available for $362.00.

Thin-Ergy BOOST

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Thin-Ergy BOOST

Thin-Ergy BOOST, a unique combination of herbs, blended especially to enhance your energy and help you to lose weight

Contains a unique blend of herbs and Caralluma Fimbriata, a succulent plant found in India, can help to decrease your appetite, reduce your hunger, and is an important factor in increasing your body's ability to reduce the production of fat. Green Tea Extract can inhibit fat cell development and increase the excretion of body fat. Banaba Leaf Extract is a powerful weapon in your body's fight against high blood sugar

Helps increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat

Reduces craving for sweets

Speeds up the metabolism naturally

Aids in digestion

Increases stamina and energy

Thin-Ergy BOOST is the companion product to Thin-Ergy AM with Chromium Picolinate for optimal weight loss or optimal weight control.

Great Support For:

Diabetes, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Sugar

Regulation, Cholesterol, Digestive Problems, Fibromyalgia,

Hypertension and Circulation, Lack of Energy

and Fatigue, Sexual Stamina, Prostate Problems, and

Weight Loss

Ingredients: 60 servings per bottle


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The Longevity Formula

Known in China as the "Immortality Herb" and in the US as the "Miracle Herb", Jioagulan is hailed as the LONGEVITY HERB.

In certain providences in China, demographers noticed an unusual concentration of people over 100 years of age. After researching this phenomenon, Dr. Jialiu Liu, the "Father of Jiaogulan" and the leading Jiaogulan researcher in the world, found a common factor among these centenarians was a high daily consumption of tea made from Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan is in a rare class of herbs called adaptogens that:

help to rejuvenate the entire body,
provide natural resistance to stress, and
allow your body to work better and stronger without working harder.

Jiaogulan supports vital body systems including the cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, dermatologic, respiratory, and reproductive systems and helps protect the bodys organs from excessive damage. Jiaogulan has a tremendous effect on the central nervous system, both calming and at the same time helping maintain clarity and alertness without nervous tension. The overall result is wonderfully empowering as your mind can stay alert and sharp while you remain "cool as a cucumber" even under mounting stress.Fo-ti, another ingredient found in J-genics, is used to strengthen the blood, invigorate the liver and kidneys, and supplement vital energy. Modern research indicates that this herb contains an alkaloid that has rejuvenating effects on the nerves, brain cells, endocrine glands, adrenal gland, and helps to detoxify the body.

Great Support For:

Anti-Aging, increased Brain Function, Insomnia, Lowering Cholesterol,
Anti-Obesity, Anti-Inflammatory, Decrease Anxiety, and Strengthens Immune System.

Ingredients: 60 capsules per bottle

Jiaogulan Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Fo-Ti



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