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Consumer Aids : Product Knowledge DVDs
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It's Your Health: Take Control DVD Only $6.00

"It's Your Health: Take Control" DVD

Save The Children DVD Only $9.50

A MUST WATCH DVD!!! "Save The Children" contains vital information every parent and/or grandparent should know regarding the health of your loved one/ones. Nutritional preferences and patterns are unknowingly being taught and allowed during the early years of life that can have a profoundly negative impact on your child's health. Be an informed parent or guardian!

Amazing Stories DVD: Testimonials by Sharon Taylor and Charlotte Clemon Only $6.00

"Amazing Stories" DVD features personal testimonies about the life-transforming benefits of the ForYou nutritional line. Sharon Taylor explains her incredible journey from 27 different medications to just 1, and Charlotte Clemon shares her victory over cancer and diabetes! An excellent resource to share with current and prospective customers!

Changing Lives thru ForYou DVD Only $7.00

Changing Lives Through ForYou's Wellness Program DVD
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