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Amazing Stories DVD: Testimonials by Sharon Taylor and Charlotte Clemon Only $6.00

"Amazing Stories" DVD features personal testimonies about the life-transforming benefits of the ForYou nutritional line. Sharon Taylor explains her incredible journey from 27 different medications to just 1, and Charlotte Clemon shares her victory over cancer and diabetes! An excellent resource to share with current and prospective customers!

AQ-1000 AquaSpaceSaver Countertop Water Filter Only $145.00

An attractive sink-top filter system (14" X 5" X 1.75") that fits behind most kitchen faucets in the space you don't use anyway. Designed to install without tools and guarantees no messy leaks or spills on the counter tops. When the filter is used up, simply replace the never have to replace the system!

AQ-125 Under Sink Model Water Filter Only $294.00

Our most popular dual-filter water system (12" X 5 1/2" X 9") delivers chemical free water while retaining the essential minerals! This space-saving under-the-sink system comes complete with a stainless steel spouted faucet that provides continuous hands off water flow and an installation kit which includes a wall mounting bracket.

AQ-425 Twin Plus Countertop Water Filter System Only $222.00

The Twin Plus system (12" X 5 1/2" X 9") contains a patented water filter media to deliver chemical free water while retaining essential minerals plus a Doulton ceramic cartridge to control both bacteria and cysts. No more messy leaks or drips like most conventional counter top models. The unit comes complete with cartridges installed and an elongated hose to allow the unit to be placed away from the sink area, free from clutter unlike most conventional models.

AQUATOMIC ION Magnet Only $42.00

The AQUATOMIC magnetic hydrating device is a MUST to optimize bioavailability of all aqueous products, optimize pH, and increase hydration. The adjustable elastic strap fits up to a 1 gallon glass container and can be placed on ForYou's polycarbonate water bottle, water pitchers, home water mention a few. For those on the go...make sure to include one for each family member!

AQUATOMIC Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Insulated Magnetic Carrier Only $50.00

A convenient way to carry your alkaline ionized water throughout the day! Complete with an insulated carry bag which incorporates the AQUATOMIC Magnetic Hydrating Device to provide water declustering throughout the entire time water is in the bottle!

AR-100 Replacement Cartridge Only $50.00

This 9 3/4" replacement cartridge fits both the AQ-125 Under Sink Model Water Filter and the AQ-425 Twin Plus Countertop Water Filter System. Will also fit most common brands including Sears, GE, Culligan, Rainsoft, Spring Fresh, Ametek, US Filter, and many others. Recommend replacing the filter every 12 months or 1,000 gallons whichever occurs first.

AR-1000 AquaSpaceSaver Replacement Cartridge Only $75.00

Replacement cartridge for the AquaSpaceSaver Countertop water filter. Should be changed every 12 months.

AR-900 Doulton Ceramic Replacement Cartridge Only $68.00

This 9 3/4" Doulton ceramic replacement cartridge fits both the AQ-125 Under Sink Model Water Filter and the AQ-425 Twin Plus Countertop Water Filter System. Recommend replacing the ceramic filter every 2 years or 50 cleanings, whichever occurs first.

Changing Lives thru ForYou DVD Only $7.00

Changing Lives Through ForYou's Wellness Program DVD
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