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Consumer Aids
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Dr.'s Formula Dental Care Spray Bottle Only $2.00

Fresh breath is only a spray away! A 1-ounce size empty spray bottle designed specifically for Dr.'s Formula Dental Care. Great for men's shirt/trouser pocket, women's purse, travel, gift bags, or your Dental Care customers! Dr.'s Formula Dental Care is sold separately.

Facelift Brush Only $2.50

A must for the non-surgical facelift program...keep plenty on hand for "home parties" as well as personal use!

ForYou Mirror Only $5.00

A sleek, compact mirror with ForYou's stylized logo is perfect for non-surgical facelift demonstrations and perfect for your purse.

It's Your Health: Take Control DVD Only $6.00

"It's Your Health: Take Control" DVD

REVERSE AGING by Sang Whang Only $10.00

An improvement of his own health without medicine, diet, or exercise caused Sang Whang to investigate the phenomenon which led him to the discovery of his theory of "REVERSE AGING." No need to accept "Aging" as a fact of life. Learn the scientific processes and devices available for "Reverse Aging."

Save The Children DVD Only $9.50

A MUST WATCH DVD!!! "Save The Children" contains vital information every parent and/or grandparent should know regarding the health of your loved one/ones. Nutritional preferences and patterns are unknowingly being taught and allowed during the early years of life that can have a profoundly negative impact on your child's health. Be an informed parent or guardian!

Shower Filter Only $40.00

We absorb more toxic chemicals through our skin bathing daily than from drinking water. This shower filter is designed to accommodate most shower fittings and with its filtration technology reduces many unwanted chemicasl in the water and reduces chlorine which causes dry, itchy skin and is harmful to the hair. This system easily cleans 10,000 gallons of water. The filter portion is disposable and easily replaceable.

Supplements Pill Box Only $2.50

A compartmentalized, hard case with ForYou's stylized logo to keep your supplements handy in your desk drawer and purse! Buy several to organize your morning, noon, and evening supplements!

The Neutralizer Only $36.00

The Neutralizer 3 Pack The Aulterra Neutralizer eliminates the negative effects of EMF radiation on biological systems. Includes 1 pack of 3 Aulterra Neutralizerâ„¢ discs.

TV-100 Travel Filter Only $45.00

A compact, portable water filter (6.5" X 4" X 2") perfect for all your travel needs. Reduces a number of organic, industrial, and agricultural pollutants, heavy metals, unpleasant colors, odors, and tastes from the water, making the water safe to drink from wherever you are around the world. The 250 gallon capacity travel filter is maintenance-free and disposable. When water no longer passes through the filter, simply dispose and replace.

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