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AlkaBest Ionizer : Product Accessories
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AQUATOMIC ION Magnet Only $50.00

The AQUATOMIC magnetic hydrating device is a MUST to optimize bioavailability of all aqueous products, optimize pH, and increase hydration. The adjustable elastic strap fits up to a 1 gallon glass container and can be placed on ForYou's polycarbonate water bottle, water pitchers, home water mention a few. For those on the go...make sure to include one for each family member!

AQUATOMIC Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Insulated Magnetic Carrier Only $50.00

A convenient way to carry your alkaline ionized water throughout the day! Complete with an insulated carry bag which incorporates the AQUATOMIC Magnetic Hydrating Device to provide water declustering throughout the entire time water is in the bottle!

REVERSE AGING by Sang Whang Only $10.00

An improvement of his own health without medicine, diet, or exercise caused Sang Whang to investigate the phenomenon which led him to the discovery of his theory of "REVERSE AGING." No need to accept "Aging" as a fact of life. Learn the scientific processes and devices available for "Reverse Aging."

pH Liquid Testing Drops Only $17.50

These pH liquid testing drops come with a pH color chart directly applied as the label on the bottle. Use these testing drops to check the pH of the water and other beverages you consume on a daily basis.

Why Water? brochure (10) Only $10.00

A full-color informational brochure introducing the "AlkaBest Ionizer" and explaining both the toll of an acidic body and the role of alkalinity in achieving optimum health!

Why Alkaline Water? DVD Only $5.00

A live demonstration of the "AlkaBest Ionizer" including a sampling of the popular beverages consumed in today's market. This DVD is complete with an easy to follow "How to Install Your Ionizer" demonstration!

Professional Introductory Packet Only $13.00

A packet designed to introduce professionals, prospective distributors, and prospective customers to the three major product line divisions: AlkaBest Ionizer, Nutritional, and Skin Care products. Colorful brochures help visually convey the product line!


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