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All Purpose Gel

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All Purpose Gel

Price: $39.00

With Aloe Vera, the World's Greatest Healing Property

An essential first aide product for the entire family from infant to the eldest.

A unique blend of aloe vera and other rare healing herbs.

The answer for insect bites, rashes, burns (all kinds), cuts, scrapes, chapped hands, calloused and cracked hands and feet, even bed sores.

Reported to have cleared or prevented diaper rash in approximately 99% of the cases.

What Others Are Saying...

"I can't say enough about this product. I use it for just about everything...insect bites, cuts, burns, rashes, and dry skin!" KS - Bermuda

"This product should be in every home in the world!!!" SE - Tennessee

"After the first application, I could see a big difference even after I took a shower." BM - South Carolina



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