What Others Are Saying About Honey Bee Pollen

I have been using the Nutritional and Body Care products since July 2007.� If I had to use only one of the products, it would be the Honey Bee Pollen. I had so many sinus infections that I had sinus surgery in 2002 and continued to still have sinus infections that would always turn into bronchitis.� I also have asthmatic symptoms and would use an albuterol inhaler at least 3 or more times a week.� My sister gave me some samples of Honey Bee Pollen and ask me to try it.� I was thinking to myself, "This will not help me because I have tried everything."� Wow, I was wrong.� I talked to my doctor and he said, "Sounds good, try it."� Over a year and a half later I have not used my inhaler one time, and I have had only one sinus infection.� My husband says I do not wheeze and cough all night anymore, and he can rest better.� I am amazed and thankful she gave me Honey Bee Pollen.� I love all the products and the difference in how I feel...I won't ever be without Honey Bee Pollen.� GA - Tennessee

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